More privacy during Bitcoin exchange

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Why do people choose us?

Mining directly to your personal wallet

Coins land in your wallet as a reward for creating a block as if you were a miner yourself. These coins have no history, therefore they are absolutely anonymous.

Coins directly from the exchange

You get a really clean digital currency with a good history.

4 Crypto-currencies - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ethereum

Do not lose extra money on unnecessary exchange transactions

Sybil Attack protection

Nobody can mix their coins with customers’ coins.

Unparalleled ranking system of wallets

Direct correlation of the wallet level and the level of privacy.

The most powerful strong randomizing algorithm

By chain depth, time delay and fee amount.

Rates for all occasions

From fastest to safest.

100% service guarantee

There's no way to trace the chain of transactions using existing services.

No trail, no logs, no registration

The highest privacy level a service can provide. No cookies, no fingerprints.

No Javascript required

Fast speed, minimum visuals

Public API

No registration required.

Tor mirror

For enhanced privacy