• node 8+


npm install


  • Current API supports BTC addresses only


bitmaximum-cli [options]

Command line parameters list

    -e, --environment [environment]  System operation mode select. For API debug process please use test mode [test, production] (default: test)
    -m, --mode [mode]                Mixing rate selection [standard, exchanges-mix, exchanges-only] (default: standard)
    -c, --coin [coin]                Crypto-currency type selection [btc, bch, ltc, eth] (default: btc)
    -a, --addresses <items>          Target addresses list, comma separarted
    -o, --host <host>                TOR SOCKS5 proxy host
    -p, --port <port>                TOR SOCKS5 proxy port (Default value: 9050)
    -v, --version                    Output the version number
    -h, --help                       Output usage information

Usage example:

node bitmaximum-cli.js -a 1test1test1test1test1test1test1test,1test1test1test1test1test1test4321


Success response example

  "data": {
    "address": "1....",
    "signature": "...="
  "error": null,
  "status": "OK",
  "environment": "test"

Error response example

  "data": null,
  "error": {
    "code": 500,
    "message": "ERROR",
    "details": {
      "message": "API_NOT_READY"

BitMaximum class methods

See bitmaximum-cli source code


  • Always use TOR!
  • Check address signature for each request!
  • Keep address signature for each request!
  • To prevent possible problems due to incorrect API usage, test mode is enabled by default!
    • Use the '-e production' option to activate real mode only when you are sure that all your tests have been completed successfully!
    • Do not try to send real coins to 1resp1resp1resp1resp1resp1resp1resp. It's just a test!