The major disadvantage associated with Bitcoin is that any transaction can be traced through the blockchain. Our service combines coins of different participants thus confusing the trails of transactions. The downside associated with using a regular service is that when paying out 'dirty money' you can get coins with a ‘dark’ history from other participants. We added the cleanup feature into the service so now you get funds from the Bitcoin exchange.

Although the tumbling process may take a while, BitMaximum will perform this in a jiff. BitMaximum has a coin reserve of its own, so we send you our coins instantly and process yours after. To prevent time-based analysis of your transactions, our service sets random time delays for your forward address to receive bitcoins. New bitcoins are sent to you instantly upon receiving your money unless you’ve set time delay.

As long as you have the receiving address, you have nothing to worry about. All Bitcoin transfers will be automatically processed within the next 72 hours.

All automatically generated wallet addresses are valid for 72 hours to prevent reuse. After the expiration of this period the address as well as all order details will be completely deleted, future payments to this address will be ignored.

We do not collect and keep any logs, personally identifying information or any other data relating to your BitMaximum activity. Once the coins have been transferred to your receiving address, all the related data gets permanently erased both from our DB and your Bitcoin wallet. All data regarding the receiving address will be deleted after a 72-hour period.

The maximum transaction amount depends on our current reserve. You will see the current maximum transaction amount every time you place an order. However, please note that large transactions can be traced. Therefore, we strongly recommend our clients to spread out large amounts across various wallets and manage these smaller amounts separately.

The minimum transaction amount is subject to service plan and is never less than 0.01 BTC. Transaction amounts smaller than indicated in the service plans are considered donations. You can check our service plans on the corresponding page.

First and foremost, we are doing our best to maintain our positive reputation. It would be shortsighted of us to steal your money as we are sure to earn considerably more over the longer term. Besides, we don’t want to run the risk of losing our customers and wasting all our time and energies put in BitMaximum. Furthermore, all of our transactions are signed with a digital certificate. Last but not the least, you can process your coins in subsequent transactions, splitting them into smaller parts. With the BitMaximum algorithm, you will never get your own coins back regardless of the number of transactions you’ve made.

Use a single transaction for the total amount transfer. Otherwise, only the first transaction will be processed, while the succeeding ones will be ignored. Please note: one generated wallet address = one transaction. For example, you have 5 wallets with 2 BTC per each and are going to process 10 BC. To do this, create a wallet address, transfer 10 bitcoins to it and only then transfer these coins from this address to the generated wallet.