Exchange privately


The wallet address you receive is for one transaction only.
All transactions to it except for the first will be processed as donations.

  • 1This means that the commission will be selected randomly close to the specified percentage, but will not exceed the specified value.
  • 2A miner’s fee given for adding a transaction to the block is set at random. The total fee amount depends on the number of wallets and the recommended current Fee in BlockChain when generating the transaction hash.
  • 3The exchange amount should not be less than the total of the service commission (15%), the miner’s remuneration for the block (12.5 BTC) and a doubled maximum total of commissions for performing transactions during the final day (most commonly, 1.5-2.5 BTC). For example, the miner obtained 0.9 BTC as a commission for the found block. The reward for the found block is 12.5 BTC. The total income for finding the block is 13.4 BTC. The system fee is 15%. Therefore, the minimum amount is 15.41 BTC.