Based on the amount of funds and the privacy level you need, we offer various tariffs – see the full details below.

Also, for your convenience, we provide brief information about our rates in the order form, so you can always choose any rate immediately before performing the transaction, considering current rates.

At will, coins of doubtful origin will not come to you. You can be calm regarding origin of the digital currency you receive.


The most popular service plan. The coins are transferred within 30 minutes. You can use one wallet.

Exchanges Mix

Default service plan. The coins are transferred to the client from the system wallets and from exchanges.

Exchanges Only

Enhnanced security. Coins are transferred to the client from exchanges only. The exchanges we’ve selected do not allow exchanging dubious coins. You get a really clean digital currency with a good history.

Miners Mix

High security level. The coins are transferred to the client from miners and from exchanges. Will be available soon.

Miners Only

Highest security level. Coins land in your wallet as a reward for creating a block as if you were a miner yourself. Coins obtained through mining never have incoming transactions in their history. It means that you receive absolutely anonymous newly created coins without any history. Will be available soon.

Our solutions are really the best way to be sure of the origin of the coins!


The wallet address you receive is for one transaction only.
All transactions to it except for the first will be processed as donations.

  • 1This means that the commission will be selected randomly close to the specified percentage, but will not exceed the specified value.
  • 2A miner’s fee given for adding a transaction to the block is set at random. The total fee amount depends on the number of wallets and the recommended current Fee in BlockChain when generating the transaction hash.
  • 3The exchange amount should not be less than the total of the service commission (15%), the miner’s remuneration for the block (12.5 BTC) and a doubled maximum total of commissions for performing transactions during the final day (most commonly, 1.5-2.5 BTC). For example, the miner obtained 0.9 BTC as a commission for the found block. The reward for the found block is 12.5 BTC. The total income for finding the block is 13.4 BTC. The system fee is 15%. Therefore, the minimum amount is 15.41 BTC.